Some Clothing of the Middle Ages
Historical Clothing from Archaeological Finds

Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Welcome to a work in progress!

This document is intended to be a cursory examination, for people interested in historical recreation and replication, of the extant archaeological and museum materials relating to clothing in the Middle Ages, as I come across them.  Non-archaeological materials, such as contemporary art and statuary will also be considered, but this site is intended to focus principally on the actual garments themselves.  It should in no way be considered the "last word" on anything, and anyone who relies strictly on the information found herein as their research is sadly in error (if for no other reasons than the artwork - for copyright reasons - has all been redrawn by me, even the pattern drawings, which means it's not all entirely accurate, nor is it purported to be).

At best, this material is presented as an attempt to share some of what I've seen, and to make more accessible those things that people might find interesting, but are not always available. If you find this information interesting, go on and do more research on your own. I am not an expert in the fields of costuming, weaving, textile archaeology, (to be blunt, there are times when I'm barely conversant in them) and so forth, this examination may be flawed. The translations, wherever necessary, are my own, and these too are likely to be a source of misinterpretation.

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