English Medieval Calendar

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What follows is a compilation of the Medieval Ritual Year in England. There are also several other dates listed, such as the eight holidays of the modern neoPagan Year, as well as a variety of folk festivals and holidays from Ireland and Great Britain. The purpose for this calender is to examine the relationships, if any, between these in the appropriate context. If you object to these extraneous dates, ignore them - they are noted by [square brackets].

There should be links from several of the holidays, including the Pagan ones, to more full descriptions of them. This project was begun several years ago as a comparison of the different ritual practices of differing Pagan groups, and so some of the meanings may vary wildly from one another. This is an organic document, and is being regularly updated. If your interpretation of a holiday isn't mentioned, please let me know.

For some Celtic traditions, some holidays begin at sundown the evening before the date given. Hence, "Christmas Eve", "All Hallow's Eve", and so forth.

These days have been compiled from a variety of sources. There are a number of dates that appear to be duplications, but are simply a result of the same feast being observed on a different day in a different place, or noted differently in different calenders.

Those feasts noted in Boldface denote major feasts, those in Italics are some of the more popularly known names for that feast, or translations from the Latin. Those noted in Pink are notes that appear in the Calenders. Those noted in Green are dates of saints who died later than 1300 (There is no distinction between Anglo-Catholic and Roman-Catholic Saints on this list. If it offends you to see Thomas More and Thomas Cranmer on the same page that's truly unfortunate). The numbers and letters in (brackets) are links to the sources that were used in noting that date.

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