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Genealogical material on the family known variously as LaGrone

I am attempting to trace the ancestry of the families known variously as de la Gromm, de Legron, del la Krum, della Grum, Eckron, Gromme, Grum, La Cron, La Crone, La Grande, Lagronde, La Grone, La Gronne, La Grown, Lackrone, Lacron, Lacrone, Lackrow, LaCrown, LaCrune, Lagarenne, LaGarenne, Lagogde, Lagram, Lagrande, Lagre, Lagerom, LaGroen, Lagron, Lagrone, Lagronne, Lagroon, Lagrove, Lagrown, Lakrone, Le Cron, Le Crone, Le Crown, Le Grande, Le Grone, Le Gronne, Le Grown, Leckromme, Leckron, Leckrone, Lecrome, Lecron, LeCron, Lecrone, Lecronier, LeCrown, Lecrownin, Leegerhorn, Legeron, Leggroan, Legram, Legran, LeGrand, Legrande, Legrin, Legro, Legron, Legrone, Legronne, LeGronne, Legrow, Legrown, Lekron, LeKron, Lekrone, Ligram, Ligran, Ligrand, Lykron, and so on.

If your family is not listed here, or discussed in this page, please talk to me about it

For simplicity, I tend to use Lagrone as a default when writing about the descendants of Laurenz Le Crown.  This should not be construed any sort of slight towards other spellings of the name, or any of the LaCrone/Leckrones found elsewhere.  My particular interest in this family is any time, any place, but predominantly South Carolina 1700s-c1800>Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, c1800-c1840>Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, c1840-

General Information:


Pennsylvania LeCrones/Leckrones

South Carolina Lagrones

Alabama Lagrones

Texas Lagrones

Note that these materials are similar to, but not identical to those at the site.   Both of these sites represent ongoing research, by myself and a group of about 30 other researchers.

Genealogical material on the family known variously as LaGrone, as compiled by I. Marc Carlson, Last Update: 15 June 2006.  Copyright 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006 © I. Marc Carlson
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