Weaving Types

I would like to re-iterate that I am NOT a weaving expert. I am just adding material that may make some of the descriptions of the garments make a bit more sense to people who don't know anything about this.  Most of this information is based on
Rogers, Penelope Walton. A brief guide to the cataloguing of archaeological textiles. 4th ed. York: Textile Research Associates, 1988.

Basic "Tabby", or "Plain Weave"
weave1.gif (8170 bytes)

Weft is sometimes referred to as "woof" and the "filling".

weave12.gif (1954 bytes) Basket Weave

weave13.gif (1938 bytes) Half Basket Weave

weave2.gif (2039 bytes) weave14.gif (2026 bytes)2/2 Twill, Also known as "4 Shaft Twill"

weave3.gif (1835 bytes) 2/1 Twill (this may be what is referred to as "3 Shaft Twill")

weave4.gif (1960 bytes) 1/2 Twill

weave5.gif (1964 bytes) 3 1 Twill
                                                    2 2

weave8.gif (1999 bytes) 2/2 Warp Chevron (or Herringbone) Twillweave16.gif (2056 bytes)

weave9.gif (1790 bytes) 2/1 Weft Chevron (or Herringbone) Twill

weave10.gif (2006 bytes) 2/2 Diamond (or Lozenge)Twill.  Pattern repeats every 5x6 threads

weave15.gif (2113 bytes) 2/2 Diamond (or Lozenge)Twill.  Pattern repeats every 8x8 threads

weave11.gif (1815 bytes) 2/1 Diamond (or Lozenge) Twill.  Pattern repeats every 14x14 threads.

brkloz.gif (2989 bytes)2/2 Diamond (or Lozenge)Twill.  Pattern repeats every 6x12 threads

weave17.gif (2929 bytes)Basic Satin Weave

weave6.gif (2019 bytes) 5 End Satin Damask

weave7.gif (2095 bytes) 5 End Satin (Weft-faced)

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